Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi – Know more about its Symptoms


In ideal conditions, men have flat chests. This is primarily because men have muscles on their chest and little amount of fat deposits. However, because of hormonal imbalances that take place in the body, there is very possibility that some men might develop the condition known as male breasts or boobs. This condition is medically termed as gynecomastia. It is one of the most embarrassing conditions for men, and often makes them talk of the groups. Gynecomastia surgery in India can help you improve overall appearance. 

 There can be several symptoms which can make the presence of this condition. However, one of the most glaring symptoms which triggers onset of excessive large breasts in men is the development of breasts rather than a flat chest.  There are different types of this condition, thus there is variation in the nature of symptoms. Because of the excessive deposition of fat around the areola, the nipples in men start appearing puffy which reflects the breast enlargement. 

When you will consult gynecomastia surgeon India, you will get to know that imbalance in sex hormones can also cause this condition. Some other effects of estrogens might include development of secondary sexual characteristics like counterparts. These symptoms include slightly high pitched voice rather than a deep voice as well as sparse body hair. 

In some cases, symptoms might arise because of intake of anabolic steroids and excessive workout. These cases are often referred as the case of false gynecomastia because there is no fat deposition in the chest area, however just the case of hypertrophy of chest muscles. Sometimes, symptoms are more embarrassing than usual when a patient suffers from unilateral gynecomastia that is the enlargement of only one breast. This, in turn, makes it all the more difficult to camouflage or hide this condition.  

Instead of living with this condition, you can consult surgeon for male breast reduction surgery in India.  Make sure you do complete research before making any decision. It is only after examining a patient that surgeon would suggest best gynecomastia surgery cost in India. Opt for this surgery and rest assured that you will be able to live life to the fullest. 

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